S O U T H E R N  A F R I C A

“Established in 1975 the AOGA exists to serve the communities that have been disadvantaged through the Apartheid system ...”

During its early years of inception the AOGA faced tremendous challenges in establishing a leadership that would be responsible for driving the concept

" Restoring the People's True Identity"

The AOGA has grown over the years to having 150 churches in its network. The network comprises of 150 partners committed to each other in a mutual relationship. The network affords all the partners the right to maintain their identity and their autonomy. The growth numerically has reached approximately 30,000 members. To date the AOGA is represented nationally. Its leadership comprises of its founder Pastor Robert Colin La Foy, Regional Leaders in all nine provinces of South Africa including women as well as youth leaders.

Moving into the 21st Century the AOGA's focus is to impact Moral Values that have been eroded. Therefore "Restoring the Order" is part of our 5 year strategy through which we will impact moral regeneration through capacity building.



Our new found democracy has left the church having to take a new look at the challenges facing our communities.
Lawlessness seemed to be the interpretation of the term democracy. Family values deteriorated. The rise of HIV/AIDS. The lack of leadership capacity in our communities further compounds this ever growing problem.

As a church organization we came to terms with the following:

1. We meet the community on a daily basis.

2. We experience this through the needs that are brought to religious leaders on a daily basis.

3. The church played an integral role in shaping the future of our country leading up to 1994.


Things we had to change:

1. Our Vision needed to be addressed from inward to outward.

2. From reaching the community to serving the community

3. From isolating our efforts to partnering with the corporate world in achieving corporate national goals.


Our focus is to impact nationally our leaders and community leaders in our organization through capacity building.

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